This is a guest post by Erick D. Smith

Erick D. Smith is a blogger who lives in sunny San Diego and encourages people to visit “America’s Finest City” during the winter.

This winter has been perhaps the coldest in recent memory, with dramatically low temperatures found all over the country. If you are planning on vacationing this season, you should consider a trip to San Diego, which boasts a warm, sunny climate and countless interesting sites, attractions, and destinations. To get a true taste of the So Cal atmosphere, you should opt for a vacation rental. California vacation rentals give tourists a way to really experience what it is like to live in the Golden State, in a way that a hotel cannot. Here is a list of some of the fascinating cities of San Diego County and what they have to offer:


Carlsbad is a fun beach town that has a somewhat upscale feel, but only because it has an older crowd than many other San Diego beach towns. This coastal community features a small-town charm, but still offers plenty of exciting attractions. Some of its more famous tourist destinations include Legoland of Carlsbad, one of only two Lego theme parks in the US (the other is in Florida) and the lavish La Costa Resort, where Jimmy Hoffa was allegedly buried, as the popular myth dictates. Less famous, but just as interesting is the Carlsbad lagoon, which serves as a popular destination for hiking, jogging, biking, and fishing. The beautiful Carlsbad cliffs are a must-see for anyone visiting this town. Record collectors should be sure to visit Spin Records, a local shop with a large selection of vinyl records, both new and used.

Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach, referred to by locals as P.B., is one of the main centers of night life in San Diego, and the one that caters to young people. Young adults will love its bars and night clubs, while everyone can appreciate its bustling boardwalk, which contains pedestrians, bikers, skateboarders, shops, booths, and restaurants. Pacific Beach is also considered the coastal hub of San Diego’s music scene, so audiophiles owe themselves a visit.

Mission Beach

Mission Beach contains a huge density of tourist attractions. The Mission Bay area is home to the world famous SeaWorld, which anyone visiting San Diego must see. Like Pacific Beach, Mission Beach features a large boardwalk with no shortage of people and activities. Outdoor sports such as beach volleyball and basketball are played by locals and tourists alike, while joggers, bicyclists, roller bladders, and skateboarders also make their presence felt. The historic Belmont Park is also recommended for first time visitors, as well as the Wavehouse bar, which can easily be spotted by its giant artificial wave outside.

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