Caribbean Vacations on A Budget

This is a guest post by Rick Valence

Rick Valence is an avid photographer and has traveled to some of the most exotic regions in the world for photo shoots. He loves great food, great wine, and great company and is always on the lookout for wonderful hidden vacation spots, whenever he travels. Rick is also a digital camera repair technician at C.R.I.S. in Chandler, AZ. When not fixing cameras, he puts his writing skills to use in the company camera repair blog, where he provides useful tips to budding photographers.

Times may be tough right now but that doesn’t mean you have to give up taking a beautiful tropical vacation. With the high prices of flights and hotels you have to be really careful with your vacation funds. Trying to go to the biggest tourist attractions sometimes just will not do. You can have a wonderful vacation without visiting the places that are part of the common tourist trip. Try being creative and make your own original itinerary. Visit the lesser-advertised islands and stay at the budget inns and not the fancy hotels. Here are three destinations that will give you a lot of bang for your buck that will make great lasting memories for you and your family.

1. The Island of Granada in the West Indies

This island is often overlooked but it is a very beautiful spot that is more than worthy of consideration. Because it is off of the beaten path it is a more economical Caribbean vacation choice. You can actually get on the beaches with ease here since tourists do not overrun it and if you are into snorkeling and scuba diving this is the perfect place for you. Great accommodations are available on a slim budget at any of the lesser chain hotels. The waters are warm with one of the deepest shades of blue that you may ever see. The island is small which makes transportation costs pretty low while on the island. You can practically walk to any destination.

2. The Roatan Island in Honduras

Another of the untainted islands that seems to have been forgotten by the mainstream tourism rabble, this is a place to relax. The skies are always bright and the water is warm and inviting. The sandy beaches will beckon to you as you stroll along the quiet lanes. The temperature stays at a pleasant rang 70-80 degrees all year round. This Island has everything you could hope for in a Caribbean vacation. The street crime and violence on this island is so low that you would not have to worry too much about security. Even the hotel prices on this island are an amazing bargain. You can easily find “rustic” rooms for as low as $8.00 or work your way up and check out the luxury resorts that only cost about $175 a night.

3. Santiago in Chile

Latin American vacations can be a whole lot of fun. The city of Santiago in Chile is one place that will inspire and incite your imagination. The country of Chile is a very economical place to visit with rooms at hotels that can be as little as $50 a night. If you would like, staying at hostels can be an adventure in itself with prices that range from $10 to $25 a night. One thing this country has is a host of museums and art galleries to allow you to get a little culture on your vacation.

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