Spend This Christmas in Europe

This post was written by Pat Howlett

Winter in Europe has plenty in store for the off season visitors. The theaters, operas and museums attract people with premieres and new exhibitions. The shopping streets offer their temptations and, during the festive season, there are Christmas markets in almost every town and village. Pricing at this time of year can be up to 15% lower than summer so all the more reason to visit.

Everywhere you travel from the Marienplatz in Munich to the city of Vienna, with their various markets throughout; you are in awe of the beauty of the time and place. Visit the picturesque Bavaria village of Miltenberg with its famous glassblowers who produce decorations that hang on Christmas trees all over the world; Rothenburg, known as the pearl of the Romantic Road, although this ancient walled City is famous for its year round Christmas market, the real one at this time of the year is a must see experience!! Try a Schneeball (snowball), a local specialty not at all suitable for a diet; childhood memories come to life as you see the countless figurines and Christmas crafts in world famous KATHE WOHLFAHRT’S CHRISTMAS VILLAGE.

In Vienna, the Salzburg Chriskindlmarket in the heart of the old town is probably one of the most romantic ones in the world. Christmas ornaments, figurines, toys, gingerbread and all kinds of crafts are sold in front of the magnificent Cathedral façade and around the baroque fountain on Residenz Square. Salzburg celebrates with a wealth of cultural events along with the beauty of the famous Advent Singing, and Christmas carols abound. Activities such as carriage-rides, Christmas readings, and so much more take place every day in beautiful Austria.

In Vienna Austria the city sparkles with the ever present Christmas markets. The main streets enchant with their dazzling Christmas lights, while concerts such as Christmas in Vienna create a special atmosphere. From mid November to Christmas Eve, Christmas markets are guaranteed to get both young and old in the festive mood and deliver the perfect combination of imperial splendor and festive cheer – among the best examples are the markets in front of Schonbrunn Palace, Belvedere Palace and Maria Theresian Platz. The Magic of Advent on City Hall Square is Vienna’s largest Christmas market.

This is absolutely the best place in the whole world to feel the wonderful spirit of Christmas and all that it stands for.

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