Relocating to Paris

A guest post written by Miss Cosmo

Miss Cosmo provides international relocation tips for companies and individuals. More helpful articles can be found at the Resource Center on the website for Cosmopolitan Services. Cosmopolitan Services is an international relocation service company that provides services and additional resources for companies relocating employees to Paris for business purposes.

Everyone dreams of vacationing in Paris. What if you had the opportunity to move there with all expenses paid? I’m sure it sounds impossible, but it’s not. In fact, many companies send employees to Paris for international assignments. Relocating to Paris isn’t a vacation; it’s actually making Paris the place you call home. Wouldn’t that be nice? Let me paint a picture for you….

So your job has asked you to move to Paris for an assignment and you’re excited about the possibility yet unsure if you should accept the offer. After hearing them out and assuring that they’ve provided you with all pertinent details of the term of your assignment and expenses that will be covered, you will know whether or not the assignment will be beneficial for you.  At this point, the first thing you should do is thank them for the opportunity and let them know that you are strongly considering the move. Next, you should begin looking into resources for relocating to Paris. You will find that there are several resources available online. Of course you must filter through a lot of the information to determine what’s credible and what’s not.  After doing a little homework and configuring costs, your next step should be a visit to your potential new home. Generally companies will set up an orientation visit for the executive and their family once the offer is accepted. Before you go to Paris for the visit, you should be clear of what you’re looking for while you’re there.

Your visit to Paris should be both fun and productive. Make sure you identify with the proper resources in case you decide to move there. This list outlines a few of the things you should look for while on vacation in Paris. This will prepare you for everything you will need to do to make Paris your new home.

To Do List For Your Visit to Paris

1. Look for residential areas near your workplace

2. If you have children look into schools and child care facilities nearby

3. If you’re married look into resources for your spouse to find employment

4. Visit some of the restaurants and retail stores to get an idea of culture and pricing

5. Look into networking hot spots throughout the city

6. Identify with the utility service providers (i.e. gas, electricity, cable)

7. Obtain information on the banking process in Paris

8. Look for others who have recently relocated from another country

9. Visit your potential office and meet some of your prospective co-workers

10. Remember to have a little fun during your visit

More than likely, your company will handle all of the legalities for your move to Paris. It’s good practice for you to work closely with the global mobility manager throughout the process to assure that everything is done efficiently and effectively. Your visit should give you an idea of whether or not you and your family can conform to living in another country. Paris is a beautiful place to live, but there’s always more than what meets the eye. When you visit Paris, make sure you go outside of the usual tourist attractions. You must remember that living there won’t make you a tourist; instead it will make you a resident. Go where other residents are and spark up conversation with a few people who recently moved there from another country if you can.

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