New TSA Rules About Required Identification

Travelers need to be aware that the Transportation Security Administration is now requiring that all airlines collect and transmit the following secure flight passenger data. Next time you make a reservation be prepared to give the following information. Full name, date of birth, and gender as shown on State or Government issued identification document that you will be using at the airport such as a State ID card, Drivers License OR Passport.

TSA will compare the Secure Flight Passenger Data information collected against the government watch list, and provide the airline with the boarding pass printing results to allow the airline to issue the boarding pass.

So when booking any airline tickets you need to be sure to provide this information to avoid boarding delays. You will not be able to get a boarding pass until all of the information has been transmitted.

Tickets without full Secure Flight Passenger data will be rejected by TSA’s Secure Flight rule and will not be processed. This can result in the reservation potentially being cancelled by the air carrier, or potentially inhibiting the reservation from being ticketed or delays may take place at time of check-in, with the risk of missing the flight. So don’t be caught off guard be sure to comply.

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