Explore the World with a River Cruise

It is simply the best way to travel through many of the world’s most fascinating places. Paris, Vienna, Budapest… because so many cities and towns within these regions were developed along waterways, they are literally made to be accessible by river. A river cruise is a stress-free way to see the best that your destination has to offer.

Having recently returned from an Avalon River Cruise I was constantly exposed to breathtaking scenery from just about everywhere on the ship. As the vessel sailed
long the Danube each day you took in all that the area had to offer. You sailed directly into the heart of every destination and docked in the middle of each town. I was able to walk right off the ship and join the day’s activities. You spend less time getting there and more time being there. You cannot visit Vienna without visiting Melk with its magnificent Benedictine Abbey which dominates the town from its commanding hill site and is one of Europe’s largest monasteries.

There is culture and history everywhere whether an open air architecture museum in the middle of a Russian lake; visiting Paris and the Normandy Beaches; the tulips and windmills of Amsterdam; the old town and Charles Bridge in Prague; wonderful wineries along the Rhine and Danube; the castles in Budapest; the heart of China and the Yangtze or the grand pyramids of Egypt or the Christmas Markets in Europe – such unforgettable experiences can be yours on a River Cruise.

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